Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

What is speech therapy? 

Speech and language therapy aims to maximise your child’s skills and ability to communicate and interact socially. This can include:

  • Teaching and promoting your child’s functional receptive and expressive communication skills 
  • Developing social communication skills, such as joint attention and conversation skills 
  • Utilising visual communication, alternative augmentative communication (AAC) (e.g., Proloquo2go, LAMP), and other strategies to support the development of communication and language skills
  • Delivering intensive individualised speech language programs for parents including Hanen® More than Words.

Where can I access speech therapy? 

We understand it is important for children to have support where they need it most. All of our speech therapy support services are delivered in a setting of your choice:  

  • Your home
  • In the community  (e.g., local shopping centre or park) 
  • Your child care centre or local school
  • The Stronger Together Foundation in Castle Hill

What happens during a session? 

At the initial consultation, we will complete an informal assessment to determine your child’s strengths and needs. From here, you and your therapist will set individual therapy goals and a family support plan which is unique to the child’s strengths and needs and reflects the family’s priorities. Depending on the location of your therapy, sessions can range from 30-90 minutes. Our therapists will work collaboratively with your child’s team (e.g., family, allied health, educators) to ensure consistent implementation of therapy strategies across all relevant settings.

How can speech therapy services at Stronger Together Foundation be funded? 

Speech therapy services can vary depending on the time needed per session and travel requirements. Services can be funded using your child’s NDIS package. Alternatively, if you are not eligible for NDIS funding, services can be funded by private funding, Medicare, or private health insurance. 

Contact us to discuss fees and funding.

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