About the foundation

Our Vision

Every child’s development is nurtured by the community to ensure they reach their potential.

Our Values


We strive for an inclusive community.


We celebrate diversity.


We nurture relationships with the whole family and the community.


We are focused on making a difference.


We are a professional team driven by heart and continuous improvement.

Our Purpose

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To support children’s development and independence to ensure they reach their full potential and meaningfully participate in the wider community.

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To work in partnership with families to understand their child’s individual strengths and needs and to improve their confidence in supporting their child’s development and participation in the wider community.

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To develop a community of families who can connect and support each other through their journey.

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To help the community understand, support and include children with developmental delays or neurodivergent needs to ensure active and meaningful participation in society.

The Stronger Together Foundation Story

When Mick and Melissa Scaife opened their first Fit Kidz Learning Centre in 2004, they identified a need to support families and children with additional needs further than the current practice in their mainstream settings. They had a passion for helping all families navigate their way through the journey of diagnosis and beyond. To provide this support, Mick and Mel established the Fit Kidz Foundation, which opened in 2014. At that time, it was supporting just 15 families.

By 2024, the Foundation was supporting over 160 families, and the decision was made to give the Foundation its own identity, separate to Fit Kidz. It became the Stronger Together Foundation, signifying the importance of children and families having a true sense of community and belonging.

The ongoing engagement from our community allows for the Stronger Together Foundation’s continued growth as the need for services and support continues to increase. We provide a team approach to each child, from group therapy to individualised specialty therapy sessions, with all professionals working in collaboration for the best outcomes.

The Stronger Together Foundation is funded by government funding, sponsorship, fundraising events, donations and parent contributions.

Stronger Together Foundation Founders
Founders, Mick and Melissa Scaife
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About Andy Bear, our mascot

The Andy Bear was named in honour of our Founder Mick Scaife’s brother Andrew, who sadly passed away in 2014. 

Andrew was a beautiful man, who was loved by all who were fortunate enough to know him. His genuine kindness and generosity of spirit, continues to inspire the work we do in our community and his memory lives on through our much loved, Andy Bear.