Communication Explorers

Sing, Sign & Storytime Program

About the program 

This playgroup provides opportunities for parents and young children to engage socially, play together and learn together. It’s perfect for parents who want to understand HOW to support their child’s communication development. You will learn strategies to help your child’s communication thrive in everyday routines.


  • Provide opportunities for children to engage in social play
  • Extend expressive and receptive communication ability
  • Facilitate parent/child interactions
  • Develop parent’s understanding of communication development and how to implement strategies in everyday life

Who should attend this program?

This group is open to children of all language abilities under the age of 4, with a parent present.

When and where does it run?

Tuesdays, 9.30am–11.00am

The program is held at the Stronger Together Foundation in Castle Hill.

Who runs the program?

This group is facilitated by one of our speech pathologists and supported by therapy assistants.

How can I enrol my child in the program?

Contact us to enrol your child in Communication Explorers.

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