AAC Program

Speech Therapy

What is Tap & Talk Club? 

Tap & Talk Club offers an opportunity for children to meet others who use communication devices, learn from each other and build friendships.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) includes a range of supports such as visuals, gestures and speech-generating devices that can support a child to communicate.

Children’s communication devices will be embedded into all parts of the program in fun ways, to support development of:

  • social communication skills such as choosing a game, initiating, requesting, and sharing information.
  • vocabulary development
  • literacy skills such as reading, alphabet and letter sounds, and writing.

Who should attend Tap & Talk Club

The program is suitable for school-aged children up to year 3 on any step of their AAC journey with communication devices. 

When and where is the program? 

The program runs during NSW School Holidays at the Stronger Together Foundation in Castle Hill.

Who runs the program? 

Tap & Talk Club is facilitated by a speech pathologist and supported by our team of therapists and therapy assistants.

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