Andy Bear Club

Andy Bear Club

What is Andy Bear Club?

Andy Bear Club is an early childhood program that aims to meet the individual needs of each child and their family. The program embeds the Stronger Together Foundation Comprehensive Approach to Early Intervention to ensure we deliver a high-quality program that reflects best practice in early childhood support. There is a ratio of 1:3 staff to children, with staff trained in current evidence-based early childhood practices.

Staff work within a transdisciplinary model to deliver a range of both structured and semi-structured experiences and activities which provide a range of learning opportunities. The program emulates a typical day at a daycare, with experiences being presented across the program in a highly structured and predictable way to support the engagement and learning of all children across the program. The program’s primary objectives are to support children to engage with peers and adults, participate in a range of learning experiences, and build independent skills.

As part of the program we provide ongoing support and communication to families and other service providers in order to ensure a collaborative and consistent approach across services.


  • Engaging and participating in the routines of a structured learning environment in preparation for the transition to school
  • Building independence across all aspects of daily living, e.g., toileting, managing self and belongings, mealtimes, etc.
  • Developing functional play skills across a broad range of age-appropriate play experiences
  • Developing solid relationships as a platform for building social engagement with both adults and peers
  • Working alongside families to embed identified key priorities for the individual child into the program

Who should attend this program?

The program is designed for children between 3 and 6 years who have a developmental delay, neurodivergent needs, or are currently going through the diagnostic process.

When and where does it run?

  • Thursdays & Fridays, 8.30am–11.30am (NSW school terms only)

The program is held at the Stronger Together Foundation in Castle Hill.

Who runs the program?

The program is delivered by a transdisciplinary team of:

  • special educators
  • speech therapists
  • occupational therapists
  • behaviour support specialists
  • therapy assistants

How can I enrol my child in the program?

Contact us to enrol your child in our early childhood program.

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