Music Therapy

Music Therapy

What is music therapy? 

Music therapy is a research-based practice, where registered music therapists use music to actively support individuals in building their communication, emotional regulation, social skills, mental health and wellbeing, attention, and motor skills. 

What does a music therapy session look like? 

Rhythm Village will work in collaboration with your child’s team to identify the needs of your child and create a customised program that works towards these goals.

Music therapy sessions target areas including:

  • communication: receptive and expressive language and social engagement
  • behaviour: managing anger and frustration
  • motor skills: dexterity and mobility
  • cognition: memory, focus, motivation
  • mood and emotions
  • capacity building and community participation: empowerment, purpose, belonging, self-expression
  • creativity and self-confidence

Who runs the sessions? 

The program is delivered by registered music therapists from Rhythm Village. 

For further information, head to the Rhythm Village website

How can I enrol my child in the program?

Contact us to enrol your child for music therapy services.

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